Monday, 24 September 2018

MCI Recognized MBBS Universities in Russia

MCI stands for Medical Council of India. MCI Approved that means Russian degree is valid in India. There are lots of universities in Russia which are MCI recognized MBBS universities in Russia. Almost medical universities are unit recognized by united nation agency and United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization. All the degrees are considered in Russian medical universities which are valid internationally. Before deciding admission in any foreign university, it must check the list of MCI approved colleges.

Russia is the best option in worldwide which have numerous medical universities that are affiliated by the medical council of India. Medical Universities which are under the list of MCI have to strictly follow an identical pattern of operations and they also follow a similar pattern of study syllabus and another co curriculum. The main key advantage of studying MBBS in Russia is reasonably priced which can be easily payable for student all over the globe. There is no particular entrance exam or any kind of donation fees for studying MBBS in Russia in the long list of MCI approved medical universities in Russia.

Some MCI recognized colleges in Russia are given below:

  • Chuvash State Medical University
  • Kazan State Medical University
  • Kursk State Medical University
  • Volgograd Medical University
  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University
  • Smolensk State Medical University
  • Mari State Medical University
  • Perm State Medical University 


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