Thursday, 21 June 2018

Medical Study in Mari State Medical University

The one of the top medical university like Mari State Medical University is truly outstanding and effective multi-department universities in the Volga Federal District and Russia. Mari state medical university performs a most important role in the socio-economic, political, and religious development of the country as a whole.

Mari state medical university is well thought-out to be the middle of medical study Russian Universities and scientific research and it is listed in the library of the international’s foremost organizations like the medical council of India. World Health Organization (WHO), European Medical Council, UNESCO, and the medical Councils of many other countries.

The quality of education offered by Mari state medical university is equivalent to the European Standards. Mari state medical university follows the international set of course. The classrooms and laboratories in Mari state medical university are fully prepared with all the modern amenities and technology.

In the duration of an academic year of our students take part actively part in various types of technical and non-technical events, creative competitions, sports, and projects. Our students are also eagerly waiting to take part in social and project activity; writing grants, doing projects in different areas, such as Business, innovative and scientific activity, art square, patriotic education, volunteering, student government, youth initiative, and media technologies.

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